Behavioral Health Care Team

Megan Kraenbring Comerford

Meghan Kraenbring Comerford, PsyD

Graduated from: La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA
Completed internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, MD
Number of children/pets: 2 dogs (a poodle and a schnauzer) and 1 child ?
Favorite food or restaurant: Pasta and potatoes
Favorite movie: Remember the Titans
Favorite shopping destination: Home Goods
Next dream vacation: Ireland
Hero: My parents
Favorite thing about being a psychologist: Helping children and adolescents feel good about themselves!

Headshot image of Ruta Clair

Ruta Clair, PsyD

Master's degree/ PsyD from: PsyD from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Number of Children: 3
Favorite food or restaurant: sushi for dinner and anything chocolate for dessert
Favorite movie: Princess Bride
Favorite shopping destination: kitchen and container stores
Next dream vacation: Spain
Hero: my mom
Favorite thing about being a psychologist? Watching kids overcome challenges
If I could not be a psychologist, I would be a: ceramics artist