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We provide compassionate therapeutic care for children, teens, and adults with highly trained psychologists.

Hatboro Pediatrics Behavioral Health, PC

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Hatboro Pediatrics Behavioral Health, PC

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Hatboro Pediatrics Behavioral Health, PC

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Hatboro Pediatrics Behavioral Health, PC

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Life can throw many challenges at us. We believe the mind and body are one. With the current atmosphere, tensions run high for both adults and children. Due to community needs, we are offering compassionate mental health care for our area. Our goal is to keep our community well on all levels. HPBH provides therapy for kids and support for parents. We conduct psychological testing for academic, diagnostic, and clinical issues We care for kids and teens with anxiety, depression, inattention, impulsivity, grief, and low self-esteem. We also help with self- control of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. We hope to make this journey a smooth path to mental well being for you and your family. 

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Talk Therapy for 7-21-year-olds:

Individual therapy is the appropriate place to address issues that interfere with school, other people, and general well-being. It’s helpful to work individually on a range of issues, including:

  • Grief: Parent’s divorce, death of loved one, illness in the family, personal injury, recent move
  • Mood Problems: Irritability, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, anger, mood swings
  • Thought Problems: Worry, paranoia, obsessions & compulsions, suicide/homicide ideas, identity conflict
  • Behavior Problems: Hyperactivity, defiance, property damage, aggression, self-injury, compulsion.
  • Social Problems: Bullying victim or perpetrator, poor social skills, promiscuity, peer pressure, school refusal
Hatboro Pediatrics Behavioral Health, PC

Psychological Evaluations

We offer neuropsychological testing for the diagnosis of learning disorders, autism, ADHD and post concussion evaluations. 

One of the most personalized services available in healthcare, psychological testing answers questions about a child’s intellectual, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal skills.

It provides in-depth answers to clarify diagnoses and provide treatment recommendations.

Behavioral Support for Preschool Through School Age Children

Our trained psychologists help families learn to adjust their children's unwanted behaviors. By working with parents and their children, we can assist with creating a better family dynamic.